About Travel Guides

About Travel Guides

Travel Guide or commonly referred to as guiding is an activity where someone must provide services to tourists who want to visit or enjoy the beauty of tourist attractions. There are a number of important things that need to be considered before conducting a scout, namely:

Good self preparation;

  • Apply the feeling that as a guide, we are not alone;
  • Applying that listeners / tourists are friends / friends;
  • Eliminate tension;
  • Try to work as much as possible;
  • pursue the best achievements;
  • Remember that there is still tomorrow.

The concept that we need to pay attention to when being a speaker is being able to bring the atmosphere to life, be interesting in speaking and appear enthusiastic and enthusiastic about providing information.


Some speaker mistakes that must be avoided are:

  • Use of excessive words (for example, referring to long and repetitive “er”);
  • Always open with apologies;
  • Anxious and excessive anxiety;
  • Use languages ​​that are not understood by tourists (such as their own language);
  • Lost contact with listeners.


Actions in welcoming guests / tourists:

  • Start with greetings;
  • Introduce myself;
  • Inform what can be done, seen, and others;
  • Give warnings and instructions for tourists (must be maintained among tourists).